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Hong Kong's nightlife is truly amazing...

And now it's time we give our favourite places the recognition they deserve. All you have to do is tell us which are your best bets. Answer ALL of the questions and stand a chance to win amazing prizes and attend our award's night in December.

P.S. You don't have to answer every single question but it's highly recommended.
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Even if it's just for a drink or two during happy hour before dinner, or full-on party mode at clubs every weekend. This will not affect the results.
Here we go! Best nightclub in Hong Kong & Macau?

Best pub in Hong Kong?

Best happy hour spot in Hong Kong?

Best shisha bar in Hong Kong?

Best alfresco spot in Hong Kong?

Can be any restaurant or bar that has an outdoor terrace/area.
Best late night dining spot in Hong Kong?

After a night out where do you and your friends like to go for a bite and recover?
Best place for cocktails in Hong Kong?

And let us know which cocktail's the best as well, please!
Best ladies night spot in Hong Kong?

Best for Beer Pong?

Best for Playing Pool?

Best Hotel Bar?

Best Whisky Bar?

Best Restaurant or Bar Decor?

Best Dinner & Drinks?

Best for Live Music?

Best Local DJ?

Best Event in 2017?

Best Local Beer?

Best International Beer?

Best Champagne?

Best Spirit?

And here's our final category, the best of the best: What's the top bar in Hong Kong?

This can be a hotel bar, a nightclub, your favorite games hall, something that has appeared in a previous category... any place you think deserves the title of Best Bar in Hong Kong!
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